[ACE] Experiences About AS process_01 Booking Process

Call reservations are still high at 76%, except for Tesla showing 86% online
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- Only 19% accounted for online reservations for official centers
- 1.7 call attempts on average made, showing a 64% of success rate in the first call attempt
- For online booking(18.8%), App(12.7%) was twice as high as Web(6.1%)
ConsumerInsight Inc., a company specializing in automotive research, launched `Automotive Consumer Experience`, quantifying consumers` car life experiences. This project attempts to share consumer experience information obtained from the 2022 Automobile Syndicated Study with professionals in the automobile industry. For further advancement in the industry and improved customer satisfaction, ConsumerInsight will provide information about the various moment of truth (MOT). The first one is the moments of truth of the after-sales service(AS) process experienced by consumers.

[01] Reservation

1. Reservation method ; 76.6% by phone, 18.8% online

2. Call attempts to get a hold of’ was 1.7 times on average and the success rate in the first call attempt was 64.1% on average.

- Volvo (1.22 times) and Lexus (1.23 times) were seen at the top of the scoreboard
- Lexus(84.8%) and Volvo(83.9%) showed a high success rate within the first call

3. For online booking (18.8%), App (12.7%) was twice as much as Web (6.1%)

- Tesla (85.9%) ranked first, with almost all users (80.0%) using the app

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