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While 63.5% of all customers experienced free services, there was a big gap between ‘desired’ and ‘offered’ services

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- By brand, the gap was significant in the order of Volvo(76.2%), Honda(75.6%), and Lincoln(73.0%)
- ‘Desired’ services were the overall inspection, oil replenishment, and AC filter replacement in order
- ‘Offered’ services were the tire pressure check, overall inspection, and washer/coolant replenishment in order
ConsumerInsight Inc., a company specializing in automotive research, launched `Automotive Consumer Experiences,’ quantifying consumers’ car life experiences. This project attempts to share consumer experience information obtained from the 2022 Automobile Syndicated Study with professionals in the automobile industry. For further advancement in the industry and improved customer satisfaction, ConsumerInsight will provide information about the various moment of truth (MOT). The first one is the moments of truth of the AS process experiences.

[06] Check-out

1. 63.5% of car owners have been offered with a free service during the check-out

- Volvo(76.2%), Honda(75.6%), and Lincoln(73.0%) scored a high free service rate
- Renault Korea(70.4%) was the highest among domestic brands

Q: The service center offered unrequested services/inspections for free.(Yes/No)

2. ‘Overall inspection’(28.6%) was the most wanted free service item

- Oil replacement/replenishment(15.0%) and AC filter replacement(11.4%) were in high demand
- ‘Air-pressure check’ and ‘Washer/coolant replenishment’ were the top 1 and 3 offered services but also were the least preferred

Q: Select the one free service/checkup you would most like to be offered in the future.

3. Tire air-pressure check(60.6%) was the most offered among free service Items

- Overall inspection and Washer/coolant replenishment followed
- A relatively high rate of ‘Engine room clean’ for domestic owners, and ‘Oil replacement/replenishment’ for import owners, were offered for free

Q: Select all the free services/inspections you received at your most recent visit.

4. 78.3% of car owners received a post-service contact

- Lexus(87.9%), Volvo(86.9%), and Toyota(84.5%) showed a high post-service contact rates
- Among domestic brands, GM Korea(80.5%) recorded the highest rate

Q. After the maintenance/repair, I was contacted (by phone, text/Kakao, APP instructions, etc.) to ask if I was satisfied with the service (if there were no problems).(Yes/No)

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