[ACE] Experiences About AS process_07_Summary(Benchmarks)

Lexus and Volvo competing for the top in AS experience

컨슈머인사이트 2023.03.14
- Ssangyong and GM Korea stood out amongst domestic brands
- Consumers who get through within the first call attempt tended to show higher satisfaction
ConsumerInsight Inc., a company specializing in automotive research, offers quantified consumer experiences in a report, ‘Automotive Consumer Experiences’. This project is to share consumer experience information obtained from the 2022 Automobile Syndicated Study with professionals in the industry. ConsumerInsight provides information about the various moment of truth (MOT) for further advancement in the industry and improved customer satisfaction. Today, we summarize the first topic, the Repair/maintenance Service Process experienced by consumers.

[07] Summary _ Benchmarks by Item

1. Lexus ranked #1 in 6 items…Volvo · Tesla ranked #1 in 3 items respectively

- Volvo 10 times, Lexus 9 times, and Toyota 8 times ranked in the top 3 position
- Among domestic brands, Ssangyong ranked #1 in 2 items, GM Korea did in 1

2. Regarding the rank correlation analysis with CSI, the `Get through within the first call attempt’ (0.655) were the highest

- Followed by ‘Parts supply problem experience’(0.645), and ‘Repair outcome complaint rate’(0.627)

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