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Save ‘customer`s time’ to increase CSI

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- Time-related items such as `Getting through within the first call attempt` and `Parts supply issues` in the experienced AS were correlated more with customer satisfaction rankings
ConsumerInsight Inc., a company specializing in automotive research, offers quantified consumer experiences in a report, ‘Automotive Consumer Experiences’. This project is to share consumer experience information obtained from the 2022 Automobile Syndicated Study with professionals in the industry. ConsumerInsight provides information about the various moment of truth (MOT) for further advancement in the industry and improved customer satisfaction. Today, we summarize the first topic, the Repair/maintenance Service Process experienced by consumers.

[01] Reservation

1. Reservation method ; 76.6% by phone, 18.8% online

Q: What booking method did you use for the repair/maintenance?

2. Call attempts to get a hold of’ was 1.7 times on average and the success rate in the first call attempt was 64.1% on average

- Volvo (1.22 times) and Lexus (1.23 times) were seen at the top of the scoreboard
- Lexus(84.8%) and Volvo(83.9%) showed a high success rate within the first call

Q: How many call attempts did you have to make for the repair/maintenance?

Q: How many call attempts did you have to make for the repair/maintenance?

3. For online booking (18.8%), App (12.7%) was twice as much as Web (6.1%)

- Tesla (85.9%) ranked first, with almost all users (80.0%) using the app

Q: What booking method did you use for the repair/maintenance?

[02] Take-in

1. Waiting time from reservation to car take-in was avg. 11.9 days

- The brand with the shortest waiting time was Ssangyong (2.9 days), followed by Volvo (6.2days)

Q: How many days later were you booked for the center after the call?

2. Waiting time for consultation after arriving at the center was avg. 10.5 minutes

- The brand with the shortest waiting time was Lexus (6.1 min) and Toyota (6.5 min)

Q: How long did you wait from the reception to the consultation?

3. Key explanation missing rate during the pre-consultation was avg. 44.0%

- Omitted explanation rate of the ‘expected maintenance time’ was low at 17%, but the rate of ‘the cause/solution to the problem’ was over 50%
- The brands with the low missing rate were Volvo(36.4%) and Ssangyong(36.7%)

Q: Select all the content the mechanic or the service advisor explained in the pre-consultation before the repair/maintenance.

[03] Wait/Monitor (1)

1. The repair/maintenance completion rate on the day was 83.6%, with Japanese brands ranking 1st to 3rd

- The brands with a high on-the-day completion rate were Lexus (94.7%) and Honda (92.8%)
- Only Ssangyong among domestic brands was included in the top 5 ranks at 89.0%

Q. Was the vehicle repair/maintenance completed on the day? (Yes/No)

2. The average time of customers who did not get an on-the-day repair/maintenance was 6.8 days, domestic brands ranking 1st to 5th

- The brands with a short repair/maintenance time were Ssangyong (4.8 days) and Renault (5.1 days)

Q. After taking the vehicle in, how many days did it take for the repair/maintenance to finish?

3. Parts supply shortage experience rate was 16.6%

- Brands with less supply shortage experience were Lexus (6.0%) and Toyota (9.2%)

Q. I didn’t have to search/wait for the parts (No, I didn’t have to / Yes, I had to)

4. The waiting time for parts supply was approximately 2 weeks (13.2 days), with imported vehicle owners waiting 4.3 days longer than domestic vehicle owners

- Brands with a short waiting time for supply were GM Korea (6.6 days) and Mini (6.9 days) in order

Q. You answered that there was a problem with the parts supply. How long did it take from parts supply to repair/maintenance complete?

[03] Wait/Monitor (2)

1. The customer facilities were perceived ‘excellent’ by 93% of respondents

- By brand, Ford (97.3%) among imports, Hyundai (96.5%) among domestics were the highest

Q: Customer convenience facilities (waiting area, water, toilet, etc.) were well furnished (Yes/No)

2. The rate of customer informed of facilities (guidance rate) was 39%

- By brand, Honda (50.7%), Lexus (48.5%) and Volvo( 47.5%) were the highest in order

Q: Please select all that the mechanic or service advisor explained in the pre-consultation process prior to vehicle maintenance. (Select all that apply)

3. The rate of ‘Repair/maintenance status check at any time’ was 69%

- By brand, the rate was the highest for Toyota (87.4%), Volvo (86.3%), and Lexus (82%) in order

Q: I was able to check the repair/maintenance status at any time. (Yes/No)

[04] Outcome Check

1. Misdiagnosis experience rate was 7.1%, with domestic vehicle owners experienced 2.4%p higher than imported vehicle owners

- Brands with a low misdiagnosis rate were Toyota(3.7%) and VW(4.1%)
- Ssangyong, amongst domestic brands, was the only brand to be included in the top 10 (6.0%)

Q: I have experience in getting the inaccurate repair/maintenance because of a misdiagnosis (Yes/No)

2. Excessive repair/maintenance experience rate was 6.4%

- Brands with a low excessive repair/maintenance experience rate were Tesla (1.6 %) and Nissan (3.0 %)

Q: I have experience in getting excessive/unnecessary repair/maintenance (Yes/No)

3. Arbitrary repair/maintenance experience rate was 4.9%

- Brands with a low arbitrary repair/maintenance rate were Tesla (2.1%) and VW (2.3%)

Q: I’ve had not been told in advance about the changed/unplanned repair/maintenance .(Yes/No)

4.Recurring problem experience rate was 10.2%

- Brands with a low recurring problem experience rate were Cadillac (0%) and Lexus (2.2%)

Q: I have experience in recurring problems after the repair/maintenance (Yes/No)

[05] Payment

1. The average cost per repair/maintenance was 828,000 KRW

- GM Korea (413,000 KRW) and Hyundai (449,000 KRW) showed a relatively low repair/maintenance cost
- Toyota was the only imported brand included in the lowest 5 brands at 512,000 KRW

Q: What was the approximate cost of the total service you paid when you had your vehicle serviced at the garage?

2. 25.4% of customers experienced ‘Discount on the repair/maintenance bill’

- Brands with the most discounts on the repair/maintenance bill were Nissan (36.1%) and Porsche (34.1%)

Q: On my recent visit to that garage, they gave me a discount on repairs. (Yes/No)

3. 12.6% of customers filed complaints about the repair/maintenance received

- Brands with a low complaints filing rate were Lexus(4.8%) and Toyota(6.4%)
- Ssangyong, among domestic brands had the lowest rate at 9.3%

Q: I have filed complaints about the repair/maintenance result in the past 1 year.(Yes/No)

[06] Check-out

1. 63.5% of car owners have been offered with a free service during the check-out

- Volvo(76.2%), Honda(75.6%), and Lincoln(73.0%) scored a high free service rate
- Renault Korea(70.4%) was the highest among domestic brands

Q: The service center offered unrequested services/inspections for free.(Yes/No)

2. ‘Overall inspection’(28.6%) was the most wanted free service item

- Oil replacement/replenishment(15.0%) and AC filter replacement(11.4%) were in high demand
- ‘Air-pressure check’ and ‘Washer/coolant replenishment’ were the top 1 and 3 offered services but also were the least preferred

Q: Select the one free service/checkup you would most like to be offered in the future

3. Tire air-pressure check(60.6%) was the most offered among free service Items

- Overall inspection and Washer/coolant replenishment followed
- A relatively high rate of ‘Engine room clean’ for domestic owners, and ‘Oil replacement/replenishment’ for import owners, were offered for free

Q: Select all the free services/inspections you received at your most recent visit

4. 78.3% of car owners received a post-service contact

- Lexus(87.9%), Volvo(86.9%), and Toyota(84.5%) showed a high post-service contact rates
- Among domestic brands, GM Korea(80.5%) recorded the highest rate

Q. After the maintenance/repair, I was contacted (by phone, text/Kakao, APP instructions, etc.) to ask if I was satisfied with the service (if there were no problems).(Yes/No)

[07] Summary _ Benchmarks by Item

1. Lexus ranked #1 in 6 items…Volvo · Tesla ranked #1 in 3 items respectively

- Volvo 10 times, Lexus 9 times, and Toyota 8 times ranked in the top 3 position
- Among domestic brands, Ssangyong ranked #1 in 2 items, GM Korea did in 1

2. Regarding the rank correlation analysis with CSI, the `Get through within the first call attempt’ (0.655) were the highest

- Followed by ‘Parts supply problem experience’(0.645), and ‘Repair outcome complaint rate’(0.627)

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